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Re: RE>Diamond and NAB

> > Isn't it better that Cintel offers a panel with primaries, secondarys
> > and windows on it's debut rather than wait for other companies to
> > catch up? No offense but I get the feeling Davinci has plenty on it's
> >Is Cintel mistaken in trying to integrate a color corrector, when it
> >could slow down the development of a machine which is needed
> >immediately? 
> I understand that effort on the colour corrector will not dilute effort on the rest of C reality.
> If they ship say, in first quarter 98 there will be enough time  to complete everything.
> With all the negatives on this mailing list about Cintels R&D not doing anything the C reality shows just how hard the guys have been working.

	If their SCC is as good as the Ursa SCC I would rather wait a little 
longer and have it, I have been grading on DCP/ESR and occasionally 
on DaVinci these last few years and I still use everyday the Ursa 
SCC, eventhough the isolation is preset, the way it processes is very 
good because it is internal, well, that's my opinion.
	I don't think there is such an emergency to release C-reality, 
unless you guys have seen Hi-Res color correctors close to real time, 
gigabyte datarecorders, not mentioning Hi-res noise reduction. 
Anything new on that side ?

	Congratulations to you, Paul. A new neighbour.

	Rob, you are doing a great great job, I wish I knew how to tell you 
in english with the right words the pleasure I have to be part of the 

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