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Sony Telecine

I read with interst Dick Hobbs' posting about the Sony telecine, which I
wasn't able to check out for obvious reasons. I've got to say it: the
thought of a real-time or above real-time pin mechanism scares the crap out
of me. If the mechanism reperforates the negative, or parts it down the
middle in the camera, then all that is required is a call by the director
of "once more with feeling, dahlings".
Should this mishap befall the neg once it has been shot on location in the
Bahamas, flown back to LA, left on a shelf for a week while the crew are
dispersed to their various vacation destinations, then finally put up on
the telecine, only to be shredded in the middle of a used scene; then, as
I'm sure we all are aware, the excrement impacts the rotary extractor
blades at terminal velocity.

At the other end of the speed spectrum... could someone write up their
thoughts about the Steadifilm combo RTS/pin gate? This is something about
which I had hoped to satisfy personal curiosity, but was thwarted by tragic
events elsewhere. Also, any thoughts on Accuglow versus Twigi? Lets get
back to some real old knock-em-down and slug-it-out-in-the-dirt reviews
here !


Mike Orton

P.S. JK notwithstanding, the TIG has always been a good forum for outrage
and intrigue, as far as I can tell. Rob has shown commendable restraint,
and so far has never asked me to shut the f*** up !

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