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Re: State of the TIG (overexposed)

Ken Robinson, 4/17/97 16:57  wrote: (from Santiago)

> Since my arrival here, I have been dealing with negative 
> up to 2 stops (guess) overexposed.  They are flat and have to be 
> forced open with vices and all sorts of tools!
> ...del...
> As per usual in these matters, it will take time to 
> convince the shooters here to lighten up a little!
> Anyone got any comments?

This is the perfect time to ask those hot chili shooters to devote 
a few film frames to the Kodak GrayCard+ every now and then.

Looking at the RGB lights (probably in the 40s) your GreyFinder 
will burn into their images, it should be easier 
for you to convince them to cool down.

--jp (totally partial to the company I work for)

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                    http://www.aaton.com


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