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Telesony, C-Reality, and etc.

Some additional thoughts ...

Sony's telecine presentation at Bally's was a non-sequitur in that it
discussed the history of film since the days of the Lumiere Brothers and then
went into their own previous experimental work with modifications of step
printer mechanisms coupled to video cameras.   But nothing was said about the
machine supposedly coming up in July except that it would use "similar

The take I got on it was that Sony built the prototypes (and presumably will
build the finished products) for one particular purpose, and that is to
transfer print film to HDTV.  It looks as though they started before Philips'
Spirit was available, and kept on going because they saw possibilities in a
lower cost method of generating HDTV programming from exisiting film
libraries.  My feeling is that if the "telesony" ever makes it to market, it
won't go head-on against the Spirit or C-Reality, but will be offered as a
down-to-earth, broadcast-oriented alternative.  If that turns out to be the
case, it could be the best thing to happen to film since Technicolor.

The C-Reality was interesting, and I for one was really glad Cintel brought
it to the show.  While they've definitely got a way to go before they've got
a finished product, it's great to know that Cintel is not planning on resting
on its laurels for too long a  time, the way they did with the Mk. III.

I did not get to the Spirit presentation in the hotel suite, but did see the
one in the Philips booth.  Last year, the Spirit was a telecine that could
double as a scanner; this year it was a scanner that can also be used as a
telecine.  Off in the corner, Philips was showing their new VS-4 "Video
Sweetener," which is a noise reducer, and dirt, film grain, and scratch
remover.  It appears to be a really good unit, at least on the demo footage.
 What makes it unique is that it can work its magic on still frames as well
as moving images.  I was hoping to see a "Thundercine" at the Kodak booth,
but they had a Spirit there as well.

Finally, I'd just like to thank Rob for providing us this forum, which in my
estimation is one of the most professional and useful around.  As Dale
Carnegie once said, "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

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