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Re: appeal for TIG

On Apr 21, 15:47, Mikael Reichel wrote:
} Subject: appeal for TIG

> I would like to make a personal contributionto the TIG, but how do you
> suggest to have money sent? For us overseas neither a check nor cash
> in letter is attractive.  An idea is if you could by some means debit
> one of my plastic cards. In fact, I suppose this would work well for

Mike, there are a couple of ways to do the credit card transaction;
one is via a company like 'First Virtual' which does secure exchanges
of information via the internet.  I did have an FV account last year
and advertised its availability via the TIG for several months.  It
cost me $10 per year and each transaction was charged a fee... and
contributors were required to become 'members' of First Virtual.  It
didn't work out.

I'm open to suggestions about other companies or methods...

...but for the time being:

1) I like to have NAB the focus of the annual contribution because
many representatives of overseas companies attend and can drop a few
dollars in a box;

2) Some companies do business with US companies who can deliver a
check drawn on a US bank by proxy;

3) I've received a couple of International Postal Money Orders and
that works fine;

4) Those who can't find an easy way to contribute are certainly still
welcome to participate in the TIG, particularly due to the fact that
one of the founding principles of this group was to connect telecine
professionals around the world.  

thanks for the concern Mikael

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