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Telecine CRT School/Training Sessions

Telecine CRT School/Training Sessions.

Cintel Inc in co operation with Brimar Ltd, is intending to organise
several training/schooling get togethers throughout North America to
explainCintel/ Brimar recommnedations and procedures for the installation,
alignment and care of CRT's for all URSA, Turbo and Mk 3 telecines.

The schools are intended for all levels of  telecine engineers, and
engineer/colorists who feel they would benefit.  Attendance is free and
open to all who wish to participate.

Topics, will include safe removal and disposal of old tube, installation
and set up of new tube, alignment techniques, sleep or standby conditions
and why, measurement techniques (resolution and blemish), product
improvements etc, followed by questions and answers or any other related
topic the audience may care to raise.  

Provisionally I am proposing 2 dates, (subject to demand), for the LA area,
Friday pm/evening 20 June and/or am Saturday 21 June.  This school
immediately follows an URSA course so a machine will be available for one
on one instruction for those who desire same.

Other locations such as, Chicago, NY, Washington, Toronto Seattle/Vancouver
or wherever could be organised but this would be determind by
demand(minimum of 10 attendees desired). Afternoon and/or evening times
could be arranged this would be determined by audience choice if there is a
strong preference due to work duties etc.

Would any and all interested attendees please contact either myself or Sam
Alexander to register interest, details below:

David Hurst
Cintel Inc Valencia,CA ph (805) 294-2310 ext 217 or
104626.353 at CompuServe.com

Sam Alexander
Cintel Inc Valley Cottage NY ph (914) 268-8911 or
76734.1537 at CompuServe.com 

Looking forward to hearing from all interested parties.

David Hurst.

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