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small telecine help

the following is a plea for help from Alberto Nencioni in Italy.  I've
responded with what I know, which is that the 'Maestroworks' telecine
by Bob Eberlein is a possibility.  Please direct your responses to
polidoc at galactica.it and not to me personally, thanks.

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I have about 200 reels of old 8mm (me at school, me at the seaside,
that kind of films). Now I'm 46 and I would like to put some order
into my memories by transferring/editing/summarizing my films to Hi8
videotape, possibly by using FAST AviMaster for editing. My problem
is: I know plenty of labs who would gladly transfer the film to video,
but at 2$/min, it would cost me a mortgage. Todate, I have a dual
projector and the usual angled mirror/glass screen dubbedy-da thing,
which is all but satisfactory. I know that once (a long, long time
ago) you could find little telecines, that is a projector with the
lens replaced by a TV camera-just the target and some electronics. By
the way, that is what they still use today, but they wouldn't let me
have the names/brands/manufacturers. Any idea?? Thanks for
cooperation-a scratch on the head to the poodles (I have a Westie...)

Alberto Nencioni
via Bronzino, 1
20133 Milano (Italy)

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