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re: Slate Generator

Dave Best wrote:

>     Who knows of a inexpensive slate generator, that will work in 525&625?
>     I have three Videoscribes  model 600 made by Sigma Consultants of San
>     Diego, back in the late 80's. If any one knows where I can get a
>     schematic please let me know. I've tried For A's vtw-100 video
>     typewriter, it's O.K. but, I was hoping to find something a little
>     better.          Dave Best Post Perfect.

Try a product by Pixel Power (sold in the USA by Major Tecnologies, 905
890-6338) called Pocket CG.  It's a PC based frame grab board and CG
software that works in the digi-ponent domain in 525/625 flavors.  Works
great ans not too expensive

Dean Humphus

To RT,
P.S. Shake it off R.T.  Climb back up and try it again.  Get well soon.

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