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several messages today distributed via the Telecine Internet Group
mailinglist were not delivered to addresses at aol.com, and took a
rather hard, immediate bounce right back to me.  Because there are 94
subscribers to this group at AOL, I thought I'd mention it here,
hoping this message will be delivered; I'm not sure yet if the problem
at AOL is intermittent or semi-constant.

example AOL diagnostic (<user> suppressed by me):

<user> at aol.com ... transport inet_zone_bind_smtp: 550 <telecine-request at sun.alegria.com>... Delivery not authorized, message refused

...these error messages are coming in by the boatload, 94 addresses
per attempted delivery, and it appears a '550' smtp code tells the
delivering smtp process not to attempt any further deliveries.

I'll try to keep the AOL addresses from being kicked off the list for
a while, but in the meantime AOL subscribers should complain to the
appropriate authority.

Missed messages are available in the TIG web archives.


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