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Relationships with DP's

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I thought I'd cross post it here and then cross post the answers :-)
To all.  This may be an old threadxbut the relationship between colorist

cameraman is a very important one.

Yesterday I sat in on a transfer with a client.  For the past (could it be
several years ?) I have been unable to attend the sessions but this is a
client whom I trust with technical and aesthetic details.
This colorist reacted with grunts, moans and yipes at almost every scene
came up.  "Oh I can fix that I think", he said.  The first scene was shot
with 5248 and an LLD because I got antsy to get something down and the sun
hadn't broken through yet. 
When the full sun came and the colorful subjects were popping beautifully
reactions didn't really subside.  I kept my mouth shut except to let him
not to lock in to an image because the shot had different subsequent
His last great effort was to put a couple of timing dissolves through a
that went from shade to sun, and he made a big deal of stopping and
my client what he'd done. 
My point (aside from getting this off my chest) is I'm thinking of these
tools as an extension of what I do in the field,  not as "fixing"
that's "wrong." 
In the back of my mind I decide on location not to do some things I can't
really accomplish well anyway when they can do it with a twist of a knob in
few seconds.  Isn't that their job?  I've run into this "savior" attitude
before and find it distasteful and undermining. 
Anyone else?  What does one do if you can't be there or call in at the
scheduled time?

Geoff Boyle

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