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Tail slates

Please all, forgive me as this is my first posting to this group, and I'm a
little nervous about it.  We all want to sound so smart, etc.  I have a
question for anyone who can give me some advice on this issue.  Recently
I've been encountering a lot of negative with tail slates, and it's been
giving me enormous headaches.  My method of dealing with goes as follows:  I
mark the film and the sound at the tail slate on the TLC, then I enter the
film in as the out on the black line, then I shuttle back to the beginning
of the take, and mark the film counter as the in on the black line, I take
the resulting duration and trim that value from the the film in and the
sound in.  It works, but it's very time consuming and cumbersome, and I
would welcome any and all suggestions as to how I might handle this problem
more efficiently.

Since I was unable to attend NAB this year, it's been with great interest
that I've been reading all the postings on the TIG about it.  This group is
great resource of info, productive conflict, and a great deal of humor.  Rob
deserves a ton of credit and support for starting and maintaining it.

OK., I guess that wasn't too bad for my first posting. <beads of sweat
rolling down my forehead>.

Phil Voss
Blue Water Post

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