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Re: Slate Generator

>     Who knows of a inexpensive slate generator, that will work in 525&625?
>     I have three Videoscribes  model 600 made by Sigma Consultants of San
>     Diego, back in the late 80's. If any one knows where I can get a
>     schematic please let me know. I've tried For A's vtw-100 video
>     typewriter, it's O.K. but, I was hoping to find something a little
>     better.          Dave Best Post Perfect.


Its funny that you brought up this topic, we were just about to announce
this through the mailing list.
Talk about good timing!!

We have developed a low cost PCI Component Digital (4:2:2) card that also
comes with special software.

One of the software applications that comes with the card is called
Slatemaker. It will automatically generate slates, in 525 and 625 but you
can also select 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios!

Our company is called Digital Voodoo. We are at http://digitalvoodoo.net on
the web. Our web page is not quite finished yet, so if you have any
questions or suggestions then please don't hesitate to email on
grant.petty at digitalvoodoo.net.

Kind Regards,

Grant Petty.

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