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Re: Tail slates

Depending on if you need to log all your data through the TLC such as flex
files, there is another way to sync audio for tail slates that is faster.
Check to see if your audio decks have a Chase function where they will take
an incoming LTC and automatically look for it. Most DAT decks do but some
1/4in decks do not. Put your 4025 or 4015 in Cine mode and send that LTC to
your audio deck. Shuttle your film to the end and load the LTC number from
the smart slate into Evertz. Then with your audio deck in chase it will
follow you back to the top.
This works very fast and will also help with those times where you dont have
enough preroll on your audio tapes.
The only catch here is that you need to have Smart slates.
If you have Smart slates and Dat try it and I think you will be impressed at
how much faster your sync sessions will go. Also if there is an offset
between the LTC from the slate and the LTC on the DAT you can load that
offset into the DAT. You can then load the exact number into Evertz which
will save you from trimming every take.

Rick Stephenson
Filmworkers Club

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