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Re: Slate Generator


I should have added this to my post, but I ran this message past Rob before
I sent it to the group!


Grant Petty,
Digital Voodoo.

>>     Who knows of a inexpensive slate generator, that will work in 525&625?
>>     I have three Videoscribes  model 600 made by Sigma Consultants of San
>>     Diego, back in the late 80's. If any one knows where I can get a
>>     schematic please let me know. I've tried For A's vtw-100 video
>>     typewriter, it's O.K. but, I was hoping to find something a little
>>     better.          Dave Best Post Perfect.

>Its funny that you brought up this topic, we were just about to announce
>this through the mailing list.
>Talk about good timing!!
>We have developed a low cost PCI Component Digital (4:2:2) card that also
>comes with special software.
>One of the software applications that comes with the card is called
>Slatemaker. It will automatically >generate slates, in 525 and 625 but you
>can also select 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios!
>Our company is called Digital Voodoo. We are at http://digitalvoodoo.net
>on the web. Our web page is not >quite finished yet, so if you have any
>questions or suggestions then please don't hesitate to email on
>>grant.petty at digitalvoodoo.net.
>Kind Regards,
>Grant Petty.

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