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RE: Tail slates - make every frame a slate

Phil Voss of Blue Water Post writes
>Recently I've been encountering a lot of negative with tail slates, and
>it's been
>giving me enormous headaches......... it's very time consuming and
>cumbersome, and I
>would welcome any and all suggestions as to how I might handle this problem
>more efficiently.

>> Get your customers to shoot with AATONCODE so every frame has a slate on it
- no more spooling around your negative to find that illusive sync mark.
AatonCode combined with the new InstantSync option for the Aaton Keylink
will be the ultimate answer with colourists being able to almost totally
concentrate on the picture while the sound syncs itself automatically
without any pre roll delays.  << 

Please, let's get back to HELPFUL information here. Phil, you're on the right track, but it's a bit easier than that. Mark the film and sound OUT points at the end slate. Roll the film back and mark the film IN point. Clear the SOUND in point, if there is one, and copy the film DURATION to the sound DURATION. The TLC will automatically calculate the IN point for sound by backtiming. Make the edit Open End and go ahead and Ctl-Record. Most everyone I know writes a series of macros for this: one to mark out on film and ask for the sound in point, another to mark in film, clear the sound in point, copy the duration, and make the edit open ended. Once you do this, you're down to three keypresses, plus the timecodes themselves and the record command. Use those macros.......

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

PS - Rob, I like Aaton as much as anyone, but this is clearly grandstanding here..........

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