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Re: Relationships with DP's

On Apr 23,  6:56, "Geoff Boyle" wrote:
} Subject: Relationships with DP's

> My point (aside from getting this off my chest) is I'm thinking of these
> TK tools as an extension of what I do in the field,  not as "fixing"
> something that's "wrong." 

Change colorists.  

Most good colorists I know have long-term relationships with their
clients, for reasons of rapport and philosophy.  Certainly one of the
best qualities of a colorist is the ability to bring out the best in a
particular film, with subtle emphasis, without dogma.  Some clients
are different, and want more of a showy approach sprinkled with
technical explanations, but the easier the colorist makes it look, the
better the DP can feel about the transfer.  One of the best aspects of
the colorist's job for me is the variety of psychological approaches
that can be taken to soothe a typically rumpled client, and if I can't
sense the right approach, the client may not return.

It sounds like the colorist in the session of your example may be
insecure, and seeks to justify his role.


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