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Re: Tail slates

On Apr 23,  2:43, Phil Voss wrote:
} Subject: Tail slates

> Please all, forgive me as this is my first posting to this group, and I'm a
> little nervous about it.  We all want to sound so smart, etc. 

I know what you mean-- it's like standing up in front of a group of
1000 people and talking about your underwear.  

well, ok, not exactly.

> My method of dealing with goes as follows:  I
> mark the film and the sound at the tail slate on the TLC, then I enter the

Phil, just so you can feel supported a bit, I use exactly the same
method, though I use macros in the TLC to do it.  I get a charge out
of doing the 'trimin minus FLMA duration enter'...

I really wish all production people knew how much more time it took
to sync tailslates (without Aatoncode that is) and how it requires
shuttling back and forth across the negative, chase lock mode or not.

> OK., I guess that wasn't too bad for my first posting. <beads of sweat
> rolling down my forehead>.

you'll be hoisting virtual pints with all of us now Phil.


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