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Re: Relationships with DP's

At 06:56 23.04.97 +0100, Geoff Boyle wrote:
>To all.  This may be an old threadxbut the relationship between colorist
>and cameraman is a very important one.
>This colorist reacted with grunts, moans and yipes at almost every scene
>came up.  "Oh I can fix that I think", he said.  

>My point (aside from getting this off my chest) is I'm thinking of these
>tools as an extension of what I do in the field,  not as "fixing"
>that's "wrong." 

>In the back of my mind I decide on location not to do some things I can't
>really accomplish well anyway when they can do it with a twist of a knob in
>few seconds.  Isn't that their job?  I've run into this "savior" attitude
>before and find it distasteful and undermining. 
>Anyone else?  What does one do if you can't be there or call in at the
>scheduled time?

As a colorist, I agree that the relationship between DP and colorist is very
important, and I think this particular colorist shows a very bad attitude
towards both his own job and the cinematographer's job. It is my experience
that a colorist has to be extremely open-minded about the pictures he is
working with and the cinematographer's intentions. Very often something
looks wrong because it is dark or blue or lacks contrast, but this might be
just the way it is supposed to be. Therefore, I must say to all
cinematographers: Allways come to the telecinesession if you are able to, or
else establish a good comunication with the colorist!

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