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TLC and tail slates

To Phil Voss,

Well, its been about two years now since I wrote any TLC software, so my memory is getting a bit foggy, but I think tail slates are handled most efficiently by doing the following:

1. Position ATR and Rank on the tail sync.
2. Select FLM-A, do a Mark-Out; select ATR, do a Mark-Out.
   (Thus establishing the relationship of film to sound sync)
3. Reposition the Rank to the scene's in-point.
4. Select FLM-A; do a Mark-In.
   (This establishes the scene duration on the FLM-A line on the TLC).
5. Select the ATR line, then type these 4 keys: DUR, FLM-A, DUR, {Enter}.
   (This transfers the film's duration to the ATR's line.  Since the ATR's
   line has no in-point, TLC assumes the in-point should be calculated
   from the out-point, and duration; the film duration is automatically
   converted to equivalent tape duration per the relative fps of each  

Just be sure to clear the ATR's in-point before doing all this.  If I recall,
you can clear in in-point with Set-In, 0 (zero digit), {Enter}.

Most colorists will create two short SPCL (macro) key sequences to do all of
this, since the keystroke sequence is identical for scenes of any duration;
i.e., you are never manually typing in numbers for a particular duration, etc.)
The first SPCL key does steps 1,2; the second SPCL key clears the ATR in-point,
then does steps 4,5.

Write if you are still unclear about it all...

Jim Lindelien

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