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Enough with the Aaton

  Dear Colleagues
 I am tired of all the subliminal advertising that goes on with reagard to
the Aaton.
To whom it may concern Aaton is a fine product but there are many products
will do the task of tailslates just as well.
 If you need to do tailslates with TLC. First write down or remember the
number on the frame counter that you want to come in on. Then zip to the tail
and mark in on
A-film and set in on the 1/4". Gang mark in. Then gang set in and enter the #
you wrote down. Then ctrl rec. It's that easy.
 Be sure you remember to remove the gang highlights before the next edit if
you are doing a list that needs 0's or 5's on the in point 
 Thank you 
 David Keleshian

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