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Re: Tail slates

<< If you have Smart slates and Dat try it and I think you will be impressed
 how much faster your sync sessions will go. Also if there is an offset
 between the LTC from the slate and the LTC on the DAT you can load that
 offset into the DAT. You can then load the exact number into Evertz which
 will save you from trimming every take.

I agree absolutely with Rick.    While I feel my TLC is a lifesaver and a
friend, I don't use it to sync my audio.    Chasing TC is the way to go!    I
use the keylink to generate code, but an evertz box works well also.  The
only time I use the TLC to sync is when I have absolutely zero preroll on
every take--then I use the TLC in LTC-TMR1 mode to get sync that is accurate
enough to get away with (but only as tight as the counter update is

Jim Erickson, Colorlab

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