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Re: DVD test

Dave Corbitt wrote:
> Last night I rented a DVD player from one of the local video rental stores and
> 2 DVD discs. ($25 for the whole deal for 2 nights rental).  This is a commonly
> available deal at least in my area for those of you curious about this new
> format.  I brought it home and hooked it up to my 48" rear screen projection
> TV via the S-Video connector and proceeded to sit down to what I hoped would
> be a combined evaluation and enjoyable screening.
> My findings are that DVD is indeed amazing.

Dave, it is great to hear you had such a positive first experience with
DVD. I am interested in the titles of the two disks you viewed. DVD is a
great format and can deliver near D1-quality images to the home (wait
till you try viewing a DVD player hooked up with Y,Cr,Cb cables). I
should inform you that there are a few titles out there that do not
represnt the quality of the format. They were encoded on earlier beta
versions of the MPEG-2 encoders. They are not feature film titles. I
will say no more. Another tip on viewing a DVD. The longer the video
content runs past 2 hours, the lower the video bit rate must be, and the
more challenging the video encoding becomes. These longer movie titles
that will show how good a DVD facility is in multi-pass MPEG-2 encoding.
But don't get caught in the store looking at DVD movie running times as
your primary purchase decision determinant or they will take you for a
"DVD nerd." Too late for me.

Also, I have seen some disappointing demos of DVD when a player is
connected to a Pioneer Elite rear projection TV. This combination has
shown some very bad video image contouring/quantizing  errors on
playback. It makes the video look like it went through a 4-bit video
DAC. I believe there is a problem with the video processing in the 3D
digital comb filter in these projection monitors. It is too bad as these
projection TVs have gotten rave reviews in the trades with laserdisk
sources. I would be interested in other people's comments about DVDs
they have seen. By the way, at All Post we are currently working on the
THX DVD premastering of George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead."  

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