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It's time to Ozone!

        Hello from Texas,

        I've continued to monitor this station with intent interest. Please
don't change the channel!

        What Rob has created here is a wonderful forum to communicate with
each other that cannot be duplicated. This network has allowed us to keep a
feel for the film post production community as a whole.
        As has been shown. This group can pull together in ways that are
unequeled in our daily lives. And this is the key. To all those who wish to
participate. This forum allows us express our thoughts as whole and true.
Which only enriches our future in the art of film transfer.
        But this circuit also requires those who are willing to accept the
misgivings or misfortunes  of each other. As has been well versed and
displayed within this group.
        I have been truly impressed with the outpouring of love that has
been expressed torawds Richard and his family. I have also been impressed
with the response to challenges of the TIG's intengrity and towards it's

        For what ever it is worth.      GOD SPEED and thank you!

        I was recently the individual that could only look inside. This
allowed me the time to re-examine, and most importantly, elvaluate exactly
how this forum should be addressed.

        May you all smile for what I am about to do!

        Minor things left out of the brochure during the recruitment to Texas.

        Roaches the size of Hot Wheels cars.
        Mosquitos that hunt in herds.
        7:00 a.m. forecast - sunny.
        7:10 a.m. forecast - flashfloods
        repeat the above forecast, continuously throughout the day.
        Hail the size of softballs possible.
        Hail the size of golfballs definate.
        Hail that damages your stuff. Period.
        Lightning storms that destroy your expensive electrical stuff.
        Tornados that mix your stuff with your neighbors stuff.
        It's going to get hot.
        Really flippin' hot!

        Not taking all the cituations lightly. Just hoping I could crack a

Drew Marsh
go fish

" If you're not dangling a line, and wetting a hook.
        You're not going to catch a fish."

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