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the following is presented by Bill Topazio (bt at master.mte.com).

The New York Section SMPTE meeting was held last night at
NBC.  Bob Turner and Mark Schubin presented their take on
NAB.  This "NAB Wrapup" has become a tradition of the NY
SMPTE section in order to help provide some useful info
to thos poor souls who could not attend the show.  What
follows is a very brief synopsis of the presentations.

As this is the Telecine Group, I must warn you that no
coverage was given to Telecines or related equipment (too
small a market segment for such a meeting, and the NY SMPTE
regularly holds TK-specific meetings) so if that's all you're
looking for, you can push the delete key right about... NOW.

Bob opened the meeting with a rather in-depth comparison of
various non-linear systems.  He noted that there were 194 NL
systems at the show this year (vs. 168 last year).  Aside from
the major players we all know and love(?), Bob notes that 115
of these systems were based on NT or WIN-95 platforms, 35 on
MacOS, 18 on SGI, 3 on Amiga and the rest proprietary.

Many of these newer PC-based systems are geared to handle dv
signals, and by inference, IEEE-1394 interconnect, when that
gets fully implemented.

Bob also touched on Big systems, such as Quantel Editbox.  As
anyone of us who saw the Q booth knows, the really cool Q stuff
was happening upstairs in the "lab" (ie, not ready yet) area.
Editbox sported audio control surface interfacing and all the
Q boxes showed implementation of java space which can truly
"open" the Q hardware to 3rd party applet designers.  Henry
was shown with "infinite layers" which basically builds packs
upon packs but allows single buried elements to be extracted
and modified.

Tape formats were discussed, but they all revolved around DV
compressed systems and therefore are of more interest to acquis-
ition than post applications.

Mark talked about ATSC, DTV and HDTV and made some interesting
observations about the ability to meet the FCC "mandated" dates
for full DTV transmission.  For example, Mark notes that DTV
will require new antennas on transmitters.  He notes that there
are 1563 TV transmitters, most of which have towers above 500'
tall.  There are 7 companies certified to rig towers  over 500'
tall.  Each antenna install would take 3-9 months to complete.
As he says, "Do the math".

Mark found someone at Tektronix who showed an interesting demo
showing the adverse effects of re-synching on SONET nets.  [For those
who don't know, SONET is synchronous and therefore must occasionally
be re-synched to telcos.  This momentary hit does nasty things to
codecs which rely on data clock to recover subcarrier and therefore
the video has SC hits all over it.  Big problem for video users.
Hey- have you LA guys experienced anything like this on the PacBell
side??]  Speaking of TEK, they are getting closer with thier JND
meter for evaluation of compressed pictures.  Keep an eye out for
news on this front.

Both Mark and Bob commented on the Pluto DDR.  Their comments
mirror mine to a tee:  This is one hell of a nice VTR emulator,
and it has sexy blue LEDs.  Really, it works, it's cool and you
should see one before buying another DVTR.

There was more filler, but all of this is out of the TK purview,
so I won't take up any more bandwidth.

Name: bill topazio
E-mail: bt at master.mte.com (bill topazio)
Date: 04/23/97
Time: 22:01:53

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