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Re: Telecine CRT School/Training Sessions

> Date:          Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:46:11 -0700
> From:          rob at sun.alegria.com (Rob Lingelbach)
> To:            telecine internet group <telecine at alegria.com>
> Subject:       Telecine CRT School/Training Sessions

> Telecine CRT School/Training Sessions.
> Cintel Inc in co operation with Brimar Ltd, is intending to organise
> several training/schooling get togethers throughout North America to
> explainCintel/ Brimar recommnedations and procedures for the installation,
> alignment and care of CRT's for all URSA, Turbo and Mk 3 telecines.

I would be very interested in this class. Would it be possible to add 
a date in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I know of at least two who 
would want to attend.

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