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Re: Tail slates

Jim Erikson wrote:

> Chasing TC is the way to go!    I
>use the keylink to generate code, but an evertz box works well also.

This works well in dailies mode, but not so good when syncing  selects where
the 4025 is used to generate the master timecode.  What's needed is for
daVinci (et al) to implement a timecode generator that tracks film pulses,
(already available on the TK interface).  This could then be used to make a
DAT machine chase, while using the Evertz for the master code.

>  The
>only time I use the TLC to sync is when I have absolutely zero preroll on
>every take--then I use the TLC in LTC-TMR1 mode to get sync that is accurate
>enough to get away with (but only as tight as the counter update is

Jim, I thought the TLC mode 8 only works for Nagra, where tach pulses are
sent down the RS 422 port.  I wasn't aware that DAT machines accomadated
this feature?

Dean Humphus

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