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TLC and tail slates

 Hello all,
  I think Jim has described the absolute best way to sync tail slates
with the TLC.   Someone describes a method which involves writing
down and then entering them later in the process......much too time
consuming and a waste of the TLC computing capabilities.  I have always
found the TLC to work fairly well with tail slates, although far too
the sound has inadequate pre-roll.  In these instances a learn key can
used to change the reader mode between reader 1 and reader 8 for
Nagra jobs.  However, with other audio formats the problem becomes
more difficult to deal with.
  The use of chase sync is undoubtedly the best way to sync all forms of
time coded dailies. Keylink is the easiest system to use for this but I
used Lynx modules as well as Evertz 4025 and 4015 systems with some
success.  Even with short pre roll I find chase sync to work best
the audio will lock within 2-3 seconds once the chase code catches up to
it.  Using the Keylink I can even get back timed numbers into the audio
column of my data base as well as the windows.  This assures equal
in all columns,  a big help in editing.
   The Keylink gets a lot of hype because it is a great system. Those of
lucky enough to have one rely on it heavily.  This forum is about
such experiences.  Those who do not have Keylinks should not abandon
chase sync as an option.  Just be creative with the systems you have.
                 Happy logging,

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