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Re: Tail slates

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> On Apr 23,  2:43, Phil Voss wrote:
> } Subject: Tail slates
> I really wish all production people knew how much more time it took
> to sync tailslates (without Aatoncode that is) and how it requires
> shuttling back and forth across the negative, chase lock mode or not.
That's the point exactly.  All your software solutions overlook the fact
that the telecine is wasting time and more importantly is doubling up on
the handling of the negative by having to shuttle to and fro. This is
where dirt and scratch problems start. Once through the machine,
forwards, should be all that is necessary. If crews can't manage a head
slate they should forced to attend a telecine session to see the
consequences. (or consider the Bowring-Aaton solution).
Dominic Case

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