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Enough Aaton--Another Approach to Syncing

<<  I am tired of all the subliminal advertising that goes on with reagard to
 the Aaton. To whom it may concern Aaton is a fine product but there are many
products that  will do the task of tailslates just as well. >>

In my humble opinion, the Aaton Keylink has turned into a bit of a horror
show since they came out with their latest software.  Can't adjust gate
configs once you make them, convoluted "slate and G1st-time" (whatever that
is) operation that makes you go back and forth over a take before you can
type in the identifying data, obvious function keys moved to non-obvious
places ... I guess the temptation to mess with success was just too much!

One approach we've used which works very well is the SADiE disk audio editor.
 At the risk of sounding like an infommercial, or just a satisfied customer,
a SADiE makes a great instant chase-sync player.  All it takes is time code
from your Evertz, Keylink, or whatever (it isn't married to any particular
system or way of doing things).  Of course you have to put a number into the
time code generator for each take if you don't have in-camera time code
available, but you can do that at a tail slate and then back up with the
expectation that everything will still be with you when you roll forward
again.  The down-side is that somebody has to load the field audio into the
system, but this can safely be left to an assistant while the film is in the
lab being processed.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

PS: SADiE systems for telecine use are repped by Options, in case anybody
wants further info on them.

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