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Re: picture phase questions

Reply to Bob, re: phase questions...
If you are referring to the phase of a recording made on the machines in
question, the position of the sync pulse on the input signal is retained
in the recording.
The Ref Sync applied to any machine is to time the output Play signal to
the reference being applied (basically as the output clock of the TBC
and Advance Sync for play servo lock).
In some instances in the past, the ref sync could be used as the drum
lock reference in record, but that would primarily affect vertical
lock and/or head switch point. This was controlled by an "auto-normal-
forced sync" switch on front or back panel or (possibly) in a menu
setting. However I don't think that is the case for Digi-beta or SP Beta.
That's my best shot. If I'm off the beam on this one, please let me
PS: Many thanks to Rob for the TIG and his dedication. And good luck
and speedy recovery to R.T.

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