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RE: Tail slates - make every frame a slate

>Dear Mike,
>with respect, the solution I suggested totally eradicates the tale slate
>Is it 'grandstanding' to suggest a technology that prevents all this
>expensive, time consuming, and very old fashioned tail slate procedure?
>Clearly what Phil's  'very time consuming and cumbersome' telecine syncing
>problems would be totally solved if he could get his customers shooting
>timecode on film.
>John Bowring.

   I didn't read any grandstanding into your original post but I did cringe
a little given our group's heightened sensitivity the last month or so.

   I try to read the messages on the mailing list, especially the short
replies with a mental image of friends sitting around a table, making
informal contributions and rebuttals. Sometimes it gets a little rowdy.
Mostly it is a civilized exchange and I like it like that. OK, I don't get
out enough. I live in LA. This is our only contact with the world.

   I don't have Aaton equipment. I don't care- I want every production to
have timecode on film so I might at least have the _option_ of alternative
methods. We need to encourage the use of timecode on film because it is a
good thing and not just a proprietary technology. Remember how long it took
production to accept and standardize on center track timecode?

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

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