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Re: More Aaton & Another Approach to Syncing

>Christopher Bacon of DuArt Video writes
>In my humble opinion, the Aaton Keylink has turned into a bit of a horror
>show since they came out with their latest software.  Can't adjust gate
>configs once you make them, convoluted "slate and G1st-time" (whatever that
>is) operation that makes you go back and forth over a take before you can
>type in the identifying data, obvious function keys moved to non-obvious
>places ... I guess the temptation to mess with success was just too much!

We too have found that this is a constantly evolving product that sometimes
requires a bit of re-learning after a software upgrade - but if you don't
like the new version - go back to the one you do like. I must admit I've
done that a few times until I've had time to absorb the new stuff.  We are
all to blame for changes however because Keylink keeps developing because
of what colourists have requested. I suppose the alternative is a deadend
>Christopher continued
>One approach we've used which works very well is the SADiE disk audio

There's no doubt that the SADiE disc audio editor is a very good solution -
but certainly at a price in our end of the world. But from what I saw at
NAB with the InstantSync nothing can compete both in speed and price. With
AatonCoded film it is literally in sync and locked within a frame or two -
with no stopping, no pre roll.

I apologise to those who are sick of hearing about AATON developments and
thank those who have emailed me personally with their support on what a
great move it would be if this "old fashioned industry"  went all timecode
on film!

Have a good weekend.

Best regards from downunder!

John Bowring.

>Christopher Bacon
>DuArt Video
>PS: SADiE systems for telecine use are repped by Options, in case anybody
>wants further info on them.
>mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage

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mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage