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Newly Employed One Week!

     I'd like to thank everyone on this list who has sent a kind and 
encouraging word my way when I announced I was leaving a facility 
with which I had been employed for nine years to move to another 
facility that was installing a new high-end system.  As a former 
Classic DaVinci user whose prior systems were the venerable Dubner 
and the TOPSY, the leap seemed a tad daunting; still, this has always 
been a consummation devoutly to be wished, and all my wishes came 
true in a big way.  Thanks again for all the support during this 
amazing phase of my life!
     I thought I'd post weekly reports for a while, if you're 
interested, to attempt to chronicle the changes I'm undergoing.  
Follow along, if you wish, the experience of a major career shift!
     Last Friday was my last day at my previous facility.  At 4PM, 
everyone came into the suite with a cake and gave me a little 
sendoff.  The General Manager produced a parting gift of a tiny 
calculator so I could "calculate all the money my new facility will 
be losing trying to pay for the Spirit while nobody shows up because 
they're working over here".  I took this in a hopefully jesting 
manner.  And then it was over, and I was out the door.
     It was strange leaving town.  I felt unemployed, for indeed I 
was between jobs.  And while there was a sendoff, the underlying 
threat made me uncomfortable.
     When I got home, there was a message on the phone from Shooters. 
 It seemed the Spirit had arrived a little early - it was there, and 
would I like to come have a look?  My entire family piled into the 
car and we were at the facility in an instant.  There in the suite, 
looking a little lonely but nevertheless majestic was the Phillips 
SDC 2000 Datacine, uncrated and in place!  All at once the heaviness 
of leaving my old job vanished, replaced by a joy that has yet to 
fade.  As my family wandered about, I talked with my new colleagues 
and quickly was made to feel at home.  When I told them of my 
sendoff, I was taken to the scheduall where I saw three jobs already 
booked, two by clients I'd had at the old place.
     Last week mostly involved dotting i's and crossing t's.  We 
ordered ancillary equipment such as audio monitors and supplies such 
as rewinds and leader, and picked up the isopropanol for the Excel 
1100 film cleaner.
     Yesterday the console arrived, and we spent the day setting it 
up.  Suddenly the room began to become a suite!  With the new sofa 
and the console in, the actual shape of the suite became defined.
     Today saw two major arrivals:  The VS4 sweetener, and the 
DaVinci Renaissance 8:8:8!  In what seemed like an instant, they were 
in the racks and ready for installation.  Everything is in place, a 
lot of it is already hooked up, and the room looks wonderful!
     Next week Phillips and DaVinci will be in doing the install, and 
I'll be starting the learning curve.  We hope to have the 
installation completed by next Friday.  I'll be back around this time 
next week to report.
     In closing, I'd like to state that I now feel, more than ever, 
that I made the right choice in coming here.  There is such a 
positive attitude amongst the employees that I seem to have to 
continually pinch myself to see if this is all an amazing dream.  I 
know I worked hard and gave my best at every session to get here, but 
I still feel incredibly lucky to have wound up at this particular 
facility.  "Quality" (get out your "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle 
Maintenance" books!) is treasured here.  For example, they asked me 
what kind of speakers and amp I wanted for audio.  I mentioned Tannoy 
6.5 IIs and Hafler, they offered Tannoy 8 IIs and Bryston.  It's just 
that kind of place. (pinch)
     Thanks for your bandwidth.  I hope you don't mind if I share my 
good fortune with you.  I just feel so wonderful right now.  I just 
can't wait to start making pictures...

Robert Lovejoy

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