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Re[2]: Tail Slates and Timecode

And timecode is not the great panacea that everyone seems to think. 
        This entire post took the words right out of my mouth. We have
worked with film timecode projects for many years and they do not answer 
every problem known to man. They, as was so elegantly stated, introduce 
a whole new set of problems which must be solved. When the system is set
up properly it is a dream but that does not happen very often.Jim Guthrie 
pointed out so many of the situations that may occur I will not bore you 
with redundancy. One of the big issues is education of crews in use of the 
system. Too many go out in the field not sure what to do and the problems 
occur. We must then do our jobs in post and "fix it".
        On the subject  of tail slates I again have to agree with Jim. We
work with some of the greatest documentary filmmakers around today and there 
are many situations where they do not have time to slate at all. Film 
timecode if done right is a big help but it really is not a panacea. 
        I have always been and will continue to be a huge fan of film 
timecode. We have 5 Aaton units at Duart and love them. We have worked 
on many, many Aaton and other timecode jobs so we know most of the pitfalls.
Like anything new there is always a learning curve. Besides, if everything
were perfect and easy we would not have jobs.  
Domenic Rom
Duart Film and Video 

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