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TLC mode 8

You wrote:
>I thought the TLC mode 8 only works for Nagra, where tach pulses are
>sent down the RS 422 port.  I wasn't aware that DAT machines accomadated
>this feature?

Seems to be some confusion here.  In fact, tach pulses are not sent via RS-422.  Mode 8 on the TLC should work with any transport with an RS-422 protocol implementation supporting selection of VITC/LTC vs. Tape Timer via remote RS-422 command, and permiting the Tape Timer to be preset via RS-422. (A good rule of thumb is if you paid less than about $15K for the transport, it isn't implemented--sigh.)  Thereafter, the tape timer in the transport supplies position information that is mimicking the original timecode, extrapolating as needed (as long as control track doesn't have too many holes in it; can handle low speed jogs, etc.).  The usual problem with DATs and other small-format tapes is unreliable positional data during short cueing and slow jogging.  These transports tend to jerk around the low-inertia tape too much to know where the heck you really are.  


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