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Re: Re[2]: Tail Slates and Timecode

drom at duart.com wrote:
>One of the big issues is education of crews in use of the
> system. Too many go out in the field not sure what to do and the problems
> occur. 

The camera rental facility I work for (I don't have much to do with TK, 
but I've learnt so much about Post by lurking on this list !) INSISTS 
that not only the camera crew, but the post production team all come 
together for a half day of training in use of Aatoncode on a big 
project.  We do this to not only make sure that the crew can use the 
system, but we're also able to work out a strategy that suits the 
particular production and is satisfactory to all the departments 
involved.  Some like to use slate ID's, some want Timcode slates for 
back-up etc.  

We had a drama production recently that was using Aatoncode, and was 
running particularlt well.  Several weeks in the camera assistant had to 
take a week off for personal reasons, and another Camera assistant was 
hired for the week.  Well of course, they hadn't been at the original 
training session and didn't really know the correct practises when using 
timecode.  The assistant took the battery off at lunch to prevent any 
accidental shooting of the inside of the camera truck.  Once back from 
lunch they continued shooting, and shot a couple of takes before the 
assistant remebered that he had to re-initialse the camera.

I guess you've already said it, but the key is education of the crew.  
Timecode maintenece in the field is the responsobility of the assistant, 
just the same as they are responsable for looking after the film stock 
and not leaving it in the Sun.

Thanks for all the great information, I'm going back to lurk in the 

John Brawley

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