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Re[2]: Tail Slates and Timecode

Domenic Rom an Jim Guthrie wrote:
>And timecode is not the great panacea that everyone seems to think.
>This entire post took the words right out of my mouth. We have
>worked with film timecode projects for many years and they do not >answer
>every problem known to man. They, as was so elegantly stated, >introduce a
>whole new set of problems which must be solved. When the >system is set up
>properly it is a dream but that does not happen very >often.

Dear group,
Having run with timecode both for our own productions and those of our
rental customers for five or six years now, we've discovered that there are
3 simple answers to making the system work, education , education and

After an initial disaster (not with the gear but the client straying from
the rules) we decided that in our rental department we would NOT supply
timecode unless the camera, sound and post production department attended
our little half day training seminar to actually learn what its all about.
Once you get over all the misconceptions and get them all working together
as a team the AatonCode systems works extremely well.

The return business for people wanting to do the "timecode thing" again is
98% - so long as you teach them.  Producers love it because it saves them
money - a lot of money and directors enjoy the speed and flexbility.

Finally we have both AATON and ARRI timecoded cameras - but we only use and
reccomend the AATON timecode system. (sorry TIG if that sounds like a plug
but it's essential to understanding the key to our success in this area)

So if you're going to do code - make sure you teach all the parties
involved to avoid the problems mentioned in the other postings.

Best regards

John Bowring

PS later this year we'll have finished our timecode on film training video
if anyone is interested.

John Bowring  jbowring at lemac.com.au
Lemac Film & Video, Australia
Phone +61 3 9429 8588 Fax +61 3 9428 3336

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