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Re: Slate Generator

Dave Best from Post Perfect asked:

>     Who knows of a inexpensive slate generator, that will work in 525&625?
>     I have three Videoscribes  model 600 made by Sigma Consultants of San
>     Diego, back in the late 80's. If any one knows where I can get a
>     schematic please let me know. I've tried For A's vtw-100 video
>     typewriter, it's O.K. but, I was hoping to find something a little
>     better.

The flat-out best cheap (<$500) character generator I've ever seen is the
Titlemaker 2000, made by Videonics in Campbell, CA.  They're widely
advertised in all the industrial/semi-pro video mags.  Comes with about 20
different typefaces and about 6 different sizes, perfect as a slate

Videonics recently came out with a $3000 4:2:2 titler, but I don't know if
it works in dual-standard.  The cheap Titlemaker does, but in PAL, the
image is shifted up 100 lines (which is still workable under most
situations).  We found that the Titlemaker with a $1000 composite-to-4:2:2
converter looks great, particularly when it's keyed with a digital
switcher.  The Titlemaker with the 4:2:2 adapter is also still half the
price of the dedicated 4:2:2 titler.

--Marc Wielage / Complete Post
  Hollywood, U.S.A.

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