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telecine help!

Mr. Lingelbach,

My name is Brian Otnes and I work in the Instructional Media Center at 
the University of Texas in Austin. We serve all the media needs of the 
faculty and graduate students in the College of Communication.

Among the services we provide is video duplication (copying VHS, S-VHS, 
Hi-8, 3/4", beta, etc... to VHS). One service we have never really been 
able to provide is film to tape transfer.

When another department was getting ready to send a telecine multiplexer 
to the surplus equipment warehouse I volunteered to take it off their 
hands hoping that it would work.

I now have possession of it, but I am more of an administrator than a 
technician and I need some help to find out if it works or not. Part of 
the reason that the other department was getting rid of it was because 
they didn't have anyone who knew how it worked either. So, there isn't 
anyone around here for me to ask and I am hoping that you or someone 
else can help me.

Part of my problem in getting any help may be the age of the equipment. 
>From what I can gather it was made by Laird Telemedia Inc. of Salt Lake 
City, Utah around 1986. The lens assembly model number is 5116+35. For 
all I know this company may no longer exist, but any help I can get 
about this equipment I would very much appreciate.

Please feel free to forward this message on to anyone you think might be 
able to help me.

Thanks very much,
Brian Otnes
brian.o at mail.utexas.edu

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