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In Training...

     Since Monday I have been in Heavy Training(TM).  I have been 
learning so much about the new color corrector that my head has 
overloaded with information and I'm losing other facts -  
I'm having trouble remembering what year it is and who called on the 
phone last!     But although there's a lot to learn, the initial 
formidability (is that a word?  You see!) has dwindled to where I am 
now a little comfortable with the interface.  There are more ways to 
get where you're going on this thing than there are highways in LA!  
My former system was relatively cut and dry compared to the power of 
a modern system.  Just imagine how far along personal computers have 
come in the past seven years for a glimpse of the advances technology 
has wrought.  In one sense, the extra complexity makes your job 
easier, as there are extra tools with which to achieve your desired 
look.  In another, work becomes harder because with such creative 
tools available, you _want_ to achieve a better look than you 
previously could and can spend time doing other things to the image 
than you would have previously attempted.  
     Kinda like being caught between a pillow and a soft place!
     Tomorrow, the Telecine team should be finished and the corrector 
and telecine can finally interface.  Talk about sweeps week 
ratings-busters!  Tomorrow my training turns more toward operating 
the telecine itself.  I have every anticipation I will soon be 
forgetting a few more idle facts!

Yours in major transition,
Bob Lovejoy

Now what was that email address?

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