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Charlie Hull wrote:
>The RCA TH200A is a 'badge-engineered' SONY BVH 1100A.  There is a REMOTE
>IN and a REMOTE OUT  socket .This allows a MASTER-SLAVE configuration
>between two VTR'S or a normal Remote Control Unit - VTR connection. 
>      The pin-out designations from the Frame - Wiring circuit diagram are

Sounds to me like what we are talking about is a 'CCJ' remote.  This was a
proprietary Sony 'serial' remote using a 64 bit code.  I might be mistaken,
but I seem to recall that Adrienne Electronics made a box that would
generate CCJ from an RS422 Sony protocol.
In any event, Sony might still be able to sell you the documentation manual
for the CCJ protocol.....


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