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Re: remember when???? (Old equipment question)

>... RCA TH200A one inch machine.   No manuals, just vtr.
>He asked me if I knew what the pinout of the 10 pin (yex, 10 pin!)
>remote connector on the back of it.  Serial/Parallel remote???

The TH200A was the RCA name for the Sony BVH-1100A. Other than the badge
and color of the skins exactly the same as the Sony.

For what it's worth, the TH100 == BVH1000, TH200 == BVH1100 and TH50 == BVH500.

The 10 pin remote is the serial control used in all the BVH1000 series
VTRs. It was unique at the time and is not adaptable to today's 9 pin
serial communications without using a purpose-built control interface.

There was a kit from RCA that added simple parallel contact closure
transport control but I don't think they were common.

I think that the BVH1000A made the best 1" Type C recordings. But then
again my company is prepared to sell 8 or 10 Ampex VPR-3s (with Zeus) just
to make room.

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