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An Epiphany of Sorts

     They say every nexus has a crisis, or perhaps it's the otherway 
around, but there comes a point in a major transition where the 
impact is suddenly felt.  That would probably be today.
     It was an ordinary enough kind of day for a week in which 
upheaval and intensity are common.  Minor bug workouts, the 
occasional tweak, and fountains of information.  Suddenly it was 
after 5pm, and folks were starting to leave.  Before I knew it the 
training phase was just about over.  I had been exposed to a ton of 
information, and now with Jim MacKrell of daVinci returning to the 
arms of his family, I stand alone, faced with the responsibility of 
operating an awesome investment of incredibly powerful technology.  
Half of me is screaming "I'm not ready" while the other half is 
eagerly anticipating that first session.  
     Now Jim was a great teacher.  He took me through all the 
features, menus, quirks and shortcuts he could find.  I was given a 
thorough explanation of the machine.  Suddenly he was on his way 
home, and I was alone in the new suite with - a deep feeling.
     I stepped outside and a storm was coming up.  Lightening flashed 
in the distance, than closer as thunderclaps boomed.  No sooner was I 
turning out of the driveway that marble-size hail began to fall.  By 
the time I got home, the hail had passed through downpour into 
drizzle.  On my lawn were hundreds of glassine marbles, hail that had 
dropped minutes ago on a 72 degree day.
     I went inside, still awed by the feeling I had alone in the 
suite coupled by the storm, and in a few moments the light outside 
changed drastically.  The grey was replaced by an intense 
yellow-green, and we stepped out to the deck.  Looking up at the sky, 
we beheld the most amazing sight:  Bright puffy yellow clouds of 
shapes rarely seen in these parts, between which the sky, the deep 
blue electric dark color-the-likes-of-which-I've-never-seen sky is 
peeking through.  My younger son said, "Now this is the work of the 
greatest colorist in the Universe" and I broke into tears.  All the 
pressure went away, I knew nobody, no thing could ever top the color 
I was seeing all around me, and I felt for the first time that this 
was the very beginning of something new.
     Tomorrow I report for work to finish training on the telecine 
end, to cross the final t's and dot the i's, and mostly to practise.  
The company is unveiling the suite to its employees tomorrow evening, 
and I shall do my best to run the system through its paces for them.  
In the meantime, I suspect I'll have a very peaceful sleep tonight.
Now what day of the week is tomorrow?

     Thanks to all of you for letting me share this experience.  
Somehow it's very therapeutic for me to sit behind this keyboard and 
organize my thoughts.  This has been a most amazing week for me...

Bob Lovejoy

thanks to Rob Randall, Stan Dickinson, Michel Suissa, and Jeff
Heusser for support of the TIG in 1997
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