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Time to Fly

Hello again,
     Friday we had our final telecine training and were left truly on 
our own.  The company threw a small party for the employees to 
celebrate the opening of the room.  Spirits are high and we 
anticipate our first paying client tomorrow with a little trepidation 
and a lot of eagerness.
     All weekend I was in running the system.  I discovered a few 
minor bugs, and we'll be working on them soon enough.  The TLC 
learning curve is steep for a colorist who has never had to edit 
before, save butting feature reels together or just using the 
classic's simple interface.  I have a way to go to get up to speed on 
the TLC yet, but I can at least run it enough for a few basic things. 
 One thing I found was that I have no idea whatsoever as to how to 
make the time code on the TLC's telecine line to match the film 
counter.  For that matter, the time code counter on the Spirit 
doesn't always match the daVinci's.  Minor bugs or operator error, we 
shall see!
     This is a short post, as my older son just got X-Wing vs. Tie 
Fighter and screen time is at a minimum for me!  Soon he'll be off to 
college - yeah, I can't wait for that first film either!.  Best 
wishes and compassion to the other parents of college students on the 
     Tomorrow we start earning our keep.  One thing I have to say - 
the pictures coming out of this telecine are spectacular.  As has 
been mentioned here before, there is much less tweaking needed to get 
a good image than I used to need to do.  There also seem to be more 
shades of grey available.  Just spectacular!
     Stay tuned as we debug and get our first client reactions.  I 
really hope they understand the newness of it all.  I'm pushing hard 
to learn all the system quickly; I think I've got the gist of most of 
it, and the rest will fall into place soon enough.  I'm ready!

Bob Lovejoy

thanks to Tim Ready, Terry Wickre, Frank Rodriquez, and Lou Levinson
for support of the TIG in 1997
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