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TLC Timecode Counter

Bob Lovejoy Wrote:

 One thing I found was that I have no idea whatsoever as to how to 
make the time code on the TLC's telecine line to match the film 
counter.  For that matter, the time code counter on the Spirit 
doesn't always match the daVinci's. 

Bob:  There are several "timecode" display modes on the TLC and the 888 
which are user defined.  One of these will match any other divice like 
the Spirit, while others conform to different counting schemes.

The TLC counter may be set to display HH:MM:SS+FF which is similar to 
the 888 and the Spirit which counts in 24fps.  This display mode is 
identified by the plus "+" sign in the count.  In the TLC, this counter 
will track the 888 and the Spirit when running at 24fps.  At other 
speeds, this count will follow the speed rather than turn over at 
24fps.  In newer software we will allow you to lock the TLC to 24fps 
matching other products, including the 888.  

The TLC also has a "video" timecode mode which is displayed in 
HH:MM:SS:FF.field mode.  This timecode can relate to video tape 
timecode and counts in 30fps along with the video.  This mode is 
different than most other products and is set by the TLC Sync Point.  
The Sync Point is a single keystroke assignment which relates any film 
count of your choice to any video timecode of your choice.  This is 
covered in the manual.  There is enough flexibility to make any count 
scheme work for your application.  Flexibility does come with some 
complications, though.  

If the above is confusing to you, don't feel alone.  It is to others as 
well as myself, but onced understood, should give you the results you 
need to get the job done.

Hang in there.  Gary Adams

thanks to Tim Ready, Terry Wickre, Frank Rodriquez, and Lou Levinson
for support of the TIG in 1997
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