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Re: Enough with the Aaton

>Dear David,
>You are very wrong when you state that "there are many products that
>will do the task of tailslates just as well." as I'm not talking about
>tailslates at all - rather a process that eliminates the need for them.
>The timecode on film generator is available on PANAVISION, ARRI and AATON
>and if used can save everyone a lot of time and money.
>As a DP and one who owns a telecine facility - nothing urkes me more than
>having to stuff around whatching and waiting while colourists buggerise
>about with keyboards, timecode slates and shuttling backwards and forwards
>over my negative just to get the sound in sync with the picture!
>Call me impatient - but it is 1997 - and the sound should just be there!
>John Bowring ACS

A skilled TLC operator and two very simple macros make tail slating a 
snap, with only one pass over the negative.

A more accurate view of the problem is the messy or poor production 
methods which neccesitate much of the extra work we do in telecine in 
addition to color correction.

Tim Bond

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