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Re: telecine at school

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> Nicole, the money might be termed indecent at times-- top colorists
> can earn more than the President of the U.S.

wow! and people yell at me too. jeez.

> What equipment are you using?  I assume it's at Temple University?  

oh, ok, well, we use a double system setup. a rangertone mag machine 
and a 5 blade projector. it projects onto a mirror, and through this 
plate thing (im so techy;) and its picked up by an ikegami camera and 
recorded on a kinda crappy s-vhs cassette recorder. the monitor is kida 
weird it ghosts alot and the grad students freak out (i just slap em 
around a bit and tell them to calm down).
we can also do optical transfers too, i just patch the speaker cable to 
the mixer. 
down the hall we have an elmo setup, but they charge 5 bucks or something 
for that and it gives a weird tint and no one really knows how to use it. 
yup, im at temple university. my boss, frank saurwald, really knows whats 
going on. 

when i got this job in january, my boss told me that it was a marketable 
skill. is this setup really used in the world? i kinda like it and if the 
hours are right, i probably would look to do it while trying to make my 
own films:)

> I'm forwarding your message to the mailinglist.

thanks! hi everyone on the list!!:)

nicole yates

nyates at nimbus.temple.edu | nicole yates |"purple is a fruit"- homer simpson 
Ah squiddy, i got nuthin against ye, i just heard there was gold in yer
belly!"- the pirate from the simpsons

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