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Obsolete part on Go-Faster

Had an opto-isolator go bad (leaky, I believe) on a Go-Faster on the
562B board.  TRWU400D.  When I called California, I was told that no
stock was available. After a few hours on the phone, here is what I

TRW sold its semiconductor division to Rayethon, but
Rayethon only supports the RF transistors.  In other words: Obsolete.

I eventually found that Motorola TIL119 is a equivalent device, however,
it too, is Obsolete.   Motorola has, however, substituted it
with a replacement device, which is also numbered TIL119 (go figure!).  

Anyway, I ordered some of the sub-for-a-sub devices. They were dated
9701, so they are still being made, but more importantly, they worked in
circuit as did the origional.  

Just thought you'd like to know.....


thanks to Ted Brady, Ben Webber, & C. Bradley Hunt 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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