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Re:telecine at school

On Wed, 7 May 1997 00:13:18, Nicole wrote,  (that's way too early)

>oh, ok, well, we use a double system setup. a rangertone mag machine 
>and a 5 blade projector. it projects onto a mirror, and through this 
>plate thing (im so techy;)  and its picked up by an ikegami camera...

Just imagine how cool this this could  look.   I now envision this is going
to be the hot new look pouring out of each and every telecine bay west of
Toledo.  Jumpy, shuttered, tape spliced, complete with scorches.  (or has
this been done before?).

> the monitor is kida 
>weird it ghosts alot and the grad students freak out  (i just slap em 
around a bit and tell them to calm down). 
Same method used here.  

Dean (I'm being serious) Humphus

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