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Re: More with the Aaton-Tim

Tim Bond wrote
>A skilled TLC operator and two very simple macros make tail slating a
>snap, with only one pass over the negative.

'One pass over the negative' with a tail slate?
Do you mean you sync from the tail of the film with your VTR, ATR and
telecine running backward just like film editors do on their Steenbecks?
On telecine if the film is head out, unless you can telepathically read the
tail slate's code number,  you have to spool down the neg to it (pass 1)
spool back to the head of the shot (pass 2) roll the VTR and telecine and
record the sync shot to tape -(pass 3)

With Tail Slates, if you can sync in only one pass over the negative (like
you can with AatonCode) please please let me know.

>A more accurate view of the problem is the messy or poor production
>methods which neccesitate much of the extra work we do in telecine in
>addition to color correction.

But Tim, this is why I love AatonCode, and where InstantSync will be a real
winner for us DPs, who aren't at all interested in you colourists wasting
time on sound when you should be looking after our pictures!
Sorry mate!


John Bowring

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